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Preorder Shipping Update - Wednesday, August 4th

Daily updates on the status of our preorder shipment.

Preorders Shipped!


Here's the email I received this afternoon from my shipping company.

I spoke with him on the phone today as well for further clarification.
The shipment is confirmed on-board the truck, and it's confirmed en-route to Portland. It's not stuck in processing in Los Angeles; it's just a driver shortage and the fact that current driver needs to take a mandatory break. 
He also estimated that the truck may arrive in the early afternoon on Friday. If that's the case, we should have time to pack and deliver the orders to the post office before 5PM on Friday evening. 
Again, I'm working hard to give you the most current information, even if it's not the news that I WANT to share. 
I can't thank you all enough for hanging in there while we wait. 
Emmett Armstrong
Ballistic Armor Co
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