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Gen 1 Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic Helmet - Level IIIA - Gen 1

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Ballistic Plate Carrier F.A.Q.

What is a plate carrier?

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A plate carrier is a type of tactical vest designed to hold ballistic plates that provide protection against projectiles and other ballistic threats.

What are the benefits of using a plate carrier?

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Plate carriers offer enhanced protection to vital areas of the body, opportunity for customization, and the ability to carry additional gear or accessories.

What types of plates are compatible with plate carriers?

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Plate carriers are typically designed to be compatible with standard ballistic plates, such as steel, ceramic, or composite plates that meet the specified size and shape requirements. Before purchasing be sure to check that yours is compatible.

What is the difference between soft armor and plate carriers?

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Soft armor is made of flexible synthetic fibers like Kevlar®, designed to provide protection mainly against handgun rounds and shrapnel, and is often used by law enforcement for everyday wear. Plate carriers, however, are tactical vests that hold rigid ballistic plates, offering higher protection against rifle rounds and are commonly used in military operations. These can also be used In Conjunction With (ICW) each other for a higher threat level rating.

Can I use a plate carrier for non-ballistic purposes?

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Yes, plate carriers can also be used as load-bearing vests for carrying equipment, such as radios, magazines, and medical supplies, in non-ballistic environments. There are also non-ballistic weighted plates on the market people use with their plate carriers to enhance workouts.

How do I choose the right size of plate carrier?

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Plate carriers come in various sizes, and selecting the right one is crucial for both comfort and effectiveness. Most manufacturers offer sizing charts and guidelines to help you measure your body accurately. It's important to consider the plate cut as well, which refers to the shape and design of the ballistic plates. The cut affects how the carrier fits and moves with your body, influencing coverage and mobility. Common plate cuts include shooters, swimmers, and square cuts, each offering different advantages for specific operational needs.

Are plate carriers adjustable for different body types?

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Yes, plate carriers typically feature adjustable straps, cummerbunds, and side panels that allow for a customizable fit to accommodate different body types. It is important to start with the right baseline size though for best fit and performance.

Can I add additional pouches or attachments to a plate carrier?

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Yes, plate carriers often have MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, allowing you to attach various pouches, holsters, and other accessories for increased functionality.

Are plate carriers designed for specific activities or professions?

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Plate carriers are used in a range of activities, including military operations, law enforcement, security, and sporting activities, and are designed with specific features to suit those needs.

How much weight can a plate carrier comfortably carry?

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The weight capacity of a plate carrier varies depending on its design and construction. It's important to consider your intended loadout and ensure the plate carrier can handle the weight comfortably.

Can I wear a plate carrier over or under clothing?

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Plate carriers are worn over clothing.

Are plate carriers adjustable for different levels of protection?

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Plate carriers are primarily designed to accommodate various sizes of ballistic plates. To change the level of protection, you would need to replace the plates themselves.

Can I use a plate carrier for airsoft or paintball games?

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Yes, plate carriers can be used for airsoft or paintball games to provide a realistic and tactical appearance, but they will not offer the same level of protection without actual ballistic plates.

Are there plate carriers with quick-release mechanisms?

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Yes, some plate carriers feature quick-release systems that allow for easy and rapid removal of the vest in emergency situations.

How do I properly maintain a plate carrier?

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Plate carriers can be maintained by following the manufacturer's instructions, which often include cleaning recommendations and guidelines for general upkeep.

Can I purchase replacement parts for a plate carrier?

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Some manufacturers offer replacement parts, such as buckles, straps, or MOLLE attachments, for their plate carriers to extend their lifespan and functionality.

Are plate carriers covered by a warranty?

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Warranty coverage varies by manufacturer, but plate carriers are often covered under warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Check with the manufacturer for specific details. On our website, see the “Warranty” section on a specific plate carrier product page for more information.

How do I ensure proper fit and comfort when buying a plate carrier?

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To ensure proper fit and comfort, it's recommended to measure your body accurately, refer to the manufacturer's sizing guidelines, and consider trying on different plate carriers to find the one that suits you best.

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