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Will Ballistic Helmets Stop Bullets?

Level IIIa ballistic helmets are designed to defeat handgun rounds and fragments from weapons like shotguns or fragmentation grenades. Additionally, these helmets have the advantage of being lightweight and more comfortable than other helmets on the market for a wearer. Whether or not a level IIIa ballistic helmet will be able to stop specific bullets will depend heavily on the ammunition and the caliber.

⅓ The Price With The Same Trusted Protection

Our signature ballistic helmets are independently tested and certified by an NIJ-certified lab in the United States. At Ballistic Armor Co. we offer the same protection as the better-known premium brands, with superior comfort and a more affordable price.

Ballistic Helmet Accessories

Common accessories for ballistic helmets range from visors, face shields, and chin straps for improved comfort; night vision capabilities for enhanced situational awareness; and mounts for cameras, integrated lighting systems, or hearing protection devices. Whether for police, military, private security, or civilians – there are plenty of options available to choose from when considering how to accessorize your tactical helmet.