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Major Changes at Ballistic Armor Co.

Since taking over as CEO a week ago I’ve talked with a lot of customers, and it’s clear that we have a lot of redecorating to do. We also have a lot of trust to rebuild, and we're going to start right now by being accountable to you.

In that spirit, I'm writing to outline some of the changes we’re making and provide you with tangible times for when you’ll start seeing them.


IMMEDIATELY: Revamped Customer Service

We’ve overhauled our customer service department with new management, an upgraded phone system, and increased accountability to ensure that if you need support, you will be able to reach us. We started rolling this out on Monday, and it will be fully live by the end of this week.


IMMEDIATELY: Total Transparency

You deserve to know what happens after your click “Buy”. Customers will now find estimated shipping times on each key product page based on current inventory levels. Additionally, if you contact us for an ETA on your products, you will get a prompt and direct answer.


4-6 WEEKS: Shorter Lead Times on Key Products

I am committing to shipping every back-ordered Ballistic Armor product within 6 weeks of today, or it's free. Additionally, we’ve significantly increased our inventory thresholds and the size of production batches to better insulate our customers from hikes in the global market fueled by current events.


8-12 WEEKS: Website Upgrades & Additional Resources

Knowledge is power, and you’re not just buying a helmet; you’re buying a platform. We’re making updates to our website to make it more navigable, and we're also working to develop a library of resources to help you get the most value out of your Ballistic Armor helmet.


4-6 MONTHS: New Custom Products

We’re assembling a special team of product engineers and veterans to develop a lineup of new products in the coming months based on our customers’ most popular requests and feedback. Want to join the team? Email me:


NEXT YEAR: Made in the USA

For years overseas manufacturing facilities have produced quality ballistic helmets with American materials (i.e. DuPont™ Kevlar©) at a lower price than we can produce them domestically. We partner with domestic manufacturers whenever possible, and we must stay true to our mission to provide the protection American heroes need at a price they can afford.

With that in mind, as an Oregon-based company we share your desire to see a bona fide American-made helmet in our lineup. Work has begun to develop an affordable NIJ IIIA ballistic helmet platform that we can proudly say is Made in America, while still offering the competitive prices you expect.


Stay Sharp, 

Alex Poythress Signature
Alex Poythress
CEO, Ballistic Armor Co.

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