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1 août 2023

New Ownership: One Year Later...

Designed and assembled right here in White City, OR with materials made and sourced from around the USA, we are raising the standard for cost-effective ballistic helmets...

13 avr. 2023

How Do Ballistic Helmets Stop Bullets And Other Ballistic Threats?

Ballistic helmets can stop some bullets but it is important to understand the rating system, capabilities, and limits of these helmets so you can truly stay safe...

23 janv. 2023

Top 5 Reasons To Own Ballistic Armor

Owning ballistic armor can be a critical decision for a wide range of individuals, including police officers, military personnel and civilians. Ballistic armor provides vital protection to minimizes the risk of serious injury or death due to hostile fire. In this blog post, we’ll explore five key reasons why you should own ballistic armor...

13 oct. 2022

Survival Dispatch: Testing the Stopping Power of the Ballistic Armor IIIA Helmet

Denny Chapman and the crew at Survival Dispatch wanted to see just how bulletproof our IIIA ballistic helmets really are, so they took one to the range to find out. After riddling it with handgun lead, they pull out the big guns to have some fun.

10 août 2022

Major Changes at Ballistic Armor Co.

Since taking over as CEO a week ago I’ve talked with a lot of customers, and it’s clear that we have a lot of redecor...

30 juil. 2018

"Hammerbite Studios" Takes a Look at the Ballistic Armor High Cut PASGT Helmet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX5njMApTlM&t= Austin from Hammerbite Studios recently ordered a Multicam® high c...

21 avr. 2018

"Free California" Reviews Ballistic Armor™ High Cut Helmet

We sent a ballistic helmet to Free California so they could put it to the test and give us their honest opinion. Che...

21 avr. 2018

"7 Trumpets Prepper" Reviews Ballistic Armor™ Helmets

7 Trumpets Prepper and his fans wanted to know what all the fuss was about with Ballistic Armor Co. Could these prod...
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