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Replacement Suspension Kit (Gen 1)

Ballistic Armor Co.

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Be prepared in the battle zone with a Replacement Suspension Kit. Strap up the suspension kit and you’ll feel the soft padding comfort your head and secure chinstrap prevent the suspension from sliding around in crucial moments. Keeping your ballistic armor is important no matter what field you’re in. Now you can ensure your safety, access equipment, and prevent heavy impacts from damaging your gear or head.

RH is buckle on right side, LH is buckle on left side. 

Key Features

  • Solid plastic dial headband you can adjust freely
  • Top, side, front, and back factory closed cell foam pads
  • Mounting hardware available upon request
  • Replacement adhesive hook-side velcro strips 

Customize your ballistic helmet with REPLACEMENT SUSPENSION KIT (GEN 1) and order yours today!

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