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Bastion™ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet - Made in the USA

  • Proprietary Aramid & Composite Blend
  • NIJ Threat Level IIIA
  • Fully-aluminum NVG shroud & side rails with heat cured Cerakote® H-Series Ceramic matte finish
  • M-Lok™ side rail system
  • Made in the USA
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Product Description

The Bastion™ NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet sets a new standard in protective gear, answering a broad range of needs - from law enforcement agencies to military personnel, and even civilians seeking robust protection. Featuring a contemporary shape and design for maximum comfort, function, and protection. With a slightly higher cut at the brow than the traditional Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), the Bastion™ allows the operator to maintain sharp peripheral vision within a broader range of motion. With clipped corners at the rear, the operator can enter the prone position without the helmet digging into their shoulders or neck. With a raised contour above the ears, the operator can lean in and take aim without risk of breaking the seal around their ear protection or comms. The Bastion™ is carefully designed to provide IIIA protection while eliminating unnecessary ambient interference, ensuring a more focused mission, and providing a superior operator experience. Pressed in the United States and assembled in White City, Oregon.

  • Optimized for Law Enforcement and Beyond: Highly favored by U.S. law enforcement, and perfectly suited for military and civilian applications.
  • Enhanced Field of Vision and Mobility: Unique brow design allows expanded peripheral vision and a greater range of motion.
  • Comfort in Prone Position: Rear clipped corners for comfort and functionality in prone positions, eliminating discomfort.

Aluminum NVG Mount Shroud

The solid aluminum NVG mount shroud is designed to accommodate a Wilcox™ G24 optical mount. With three integrated anchor points to receive concealed bolts from the backside, the Bastion™ shroud presents a cohesive no-snag design that is unparalleled by any other shroud. Finished with a heat cured Cerakote® H-Series Ceramic matte finish, the Bastion™ NVG shroud is as sleek as it is functional. 

Aluminum M-Lok™ Side Rails

The solid aluminum side rails feature similar design elements to the shroud, with integrated anchor points to conceal all hardware and reduce interference. Designed on the M-LOK™ platform with five fully functioning slots per rail, the Bastion™ side rails are a force to be reckoned with. There is no stronger side rail in the industry, guaranteed. 

Exterior Hook & Loop System

The Bastion™ exterior hook & loop (i.e. “Velcro™”) system enhances the helmet function while paying tribute to its namesake, the distinctive and timeless fortress bastions seen throughout history. Secured using 3M mil spec adhesive, the Bastion™ hook and loop system is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions with excellent coverage in key locations for full outfitting, with or without a helmet cover. 

4-Point Retention Harness

Inside the Bastion™ ballistic helmet, the 4-point retention harness with chin strap can be adjusted by one hand to fit as needed in the field without removing the helmet. For more significant adjustments the harness can be repositioned securely to a blanket of interior molded hooks, making it easily adjustable to suit the operator’s needs without tools.

Memory Foam Pad Suspension

The Bastion™ Gen 3 memory foam pads work to create the softest and most comfortable ballistic helmet suspension in the industry. 7/8" (22mm) thick and exceeding threat level IIIA requirements with, they were engineered to protect from concussions on severe impact. Each pad is layered with ultra soft open cell memory foam and a high-density shock absorbent closed-cell base, and enclosed in a soft breathable satin-like outer layer with a hook & loop backing for convenient repositioning inside the helmet. The Bastion™ ballistic helmet can be worn all day without fatigue. 


Bastion™ Promotional Tear Sheet (PDF)
- Bastion™ Technical Specifications (PDF)

• Test Standard: NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA. V0 @ 9mm FMJ, .357 MAG, ⁄ 44 MAG
• Weight: 3lb 3oz (Large)
• Material: Composite Aramid Blend
• Cut: High Cut (ATE)

STORAGE: This product is manufactured using an aramid material which naturally breaks down over time. Ultraviolet light accelerates the breakdown of aramid fibers, so be sure to store your helmet in a dark, cool place when not in use to ensure maximum lifespan of the product.

USE: To extend the life of your product, it is strongly recommended that you use a protective cloth cover over the helmet to protect it from UV rays while in the field.

CLEANING: Clean with a soft cloth dampened with water, as needed. Do not use cleaning detergents or abrasive scrubbing materials, as these may compromise the ballistic material. Do not allow the product to sit in water, as this may corrode the ballistic material.

PAD CLEANING: Hand wash with mild soap and cool water. Squeeze out and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry!

We offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all Ballistic Armor products. This means we guarantee that your product will remain free of manufacturing defects under normal use for 10 years.

Unparalleled Memory Foam Comfort

Silky breathable rayon envelopes layers of shock-absorbing memory foam, engineered to exceed NIJ backface deformation standards and protect you from concussion caused by impact to the helmet.

Bastion helmet pad back with red Made in the United States label

Unbreakable Shroud & Rails

The Bastion™ presents the most secure equipment mounting platform in the world. Cut from solid American aluminum and coated with a matte ceramic finish, its shroud and M-LOK™ rails are quiet, light, and able to withstand multiple gunshots.

Bastion helmet aluminum night vision shroud on green helmet
Coyote Brown Siderail on Bastion helmet

Advanced High Cut Shell Geometry

The distinctive cut of the Bastion™ is designed to give you full maneuverability and peripheral vision without interference from your gear. Focus on the mission with a clean seal on your eye and ear protection, even in the prone position.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will delivery take?

Most orders placed before 12 pm Pacific Time ship the same business day. Learn more about shipping times here.

Where are Ballistic Armor Co.™ helmets manufactured?

The Bastion ballistic helmet is pressed in Ohio and trucked to our White City, OR production facility where it is assembled with American materials. The Bastion™ retention is currently sourced from Israel.

The Gen 1 ballistic helmet is pressed in China to Ballistic Armor Co. specifications, and independently tested by an NIJ-certified lab in the United States. Unlike many products made in China, our ballistic helmets are produced using American materials and tested to the same rigorous standards as American-made helmets.

The Gen 2 ballistic helmet was discontinued in 2023 due to concerns about its true country of origin.

I'm currently deployed. Can you ship to an APO?

Yes. Please note that shipping to a military base or U.S. embassy overseas is still considered an export, so it is subject to the same ITAR/EAR constraints as a regular export. However, in most cases it is not a problem shipping to deployed military.

If there is any further information needed to ship your product then a customer service representative will reach out to you directly.

Do you offer a military/LEO discount?

We support our military (veterans included), police, and first responders. Please click here to get your personalized discount code. This offer does not stack with other discounts.

How can I track my order?

You can log into your account to view orders and tracking information. If you don't have an account or have any trouble, email us at info@ballisticarmorco.com and we will provide you with the most current order information.

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