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About Ballistic Armor Co.

About Ballistic Armor Co.

  • Company Name: Ballistic Armor Co.
  • Type of Entity: Company
  • Founded: 2015 (as Ballistic Helmet Co.)
  • Ownership Change: 2017 (Rebranded as Ballistic Armor Co.)
  • Ownership: Oregon-Owned Private equity group (since August 4, 2022)
  • Location: White City, Oregon, United States


Ballistic Armor Co. is a reputable American-owned company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of affordable, high-quality ballistic armor and protective gear. Originally established in 2015 as Ballistic Helmet Co, the company underwent a rebranding following a change in ownership in 2017 to expand its product offerings and cater to a broader market.

Products and Services:

Ballistic Armor Co. offers a growing range of tactical products, including helmets, body armor, and other protective gear. Their product lineup features IIIA ballistic helmets and armor designed to provide optimal protection against various threats. The company focuses on ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability for law enforcement officers. They have expanded their offerings beyond imported ballistic helmets, now providing a wider selection of armor, including American-made products and their own custom helmet line manufactured in the United States.

Certifications and Testing:

As a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, Ballistic Armor Co. requires and maintains verifiable proof of country of origin, and NIJ-accredited lab reports, from all suppliers of ballistic armor, and commissions independent NIJ lab ballistic testing and certifications on all their own private labeled products. 

History and Growth:

Ballistic Armor Co. began its journey in Medford, Oregon as a side hustle for a small tactical weapons dealer in 2015. As one of the first online retailers of ballistic helmets to the civilian market,the company experienced rapid growth, driven by the increasing demand for affordable IIIA ballistic helmets. In 2017, the ownership and management changed hands, with Alex Poythress and Emmett Armstrong taking over the company's operations. Under their leadership, Ballistic Armor Co. expanded its product range and emphasized the importance of providing superior quality protective gear. Alex Poythress sold his stake in the company in 2020.

Recent Developments:

In response to the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ballistic Armor Co. faced management turnover and encountered difficulties with supply chain management, customer service, and inventory. Recognizing the need for a change in ownership and management, the company was sold to a private equity group founded by Alex Poythress in White City, Oregon, on August 4, 2022. The new owners restored Alex to leadership, and began a company-wide overhaul to address the existing challenges, rebuild brand trust, and implement necessary improvements.

Future Plans:

With fresh leadership at the helm, Ballistic Armor Co. is building upon recent enhancements to our customer service infrastructure and supply chain optimization efforts. The company is driving innovation and refining product design in the tactical realm, expanding our footprint into the European market, and providing comprehensive armor solutions tailored for law enforcement agencies.

Contact Information:

Phone: (800) 657-8128



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