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Ballistic Armor For Police, Military, And Civilians

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Meet the BASTION

Timeless war strategy meets revolutionary design in the BASTION® Level IIIA ballistic helmet. Shaped for optimal field performance, outfitted with fully aluminum rigging, and proudly made in the USA.



Learn the five threat levels of body armor as defined by the National Institute of Justice, the testing authority on ballistic armor in the United States. This quick read gives you the essential information that you need to select the best armor types for your situation.

Bullet casings on the ground


We are dedicated to designing and curating the world's most ergonomic ballistic armor so that you can remain focused on your mission. A focused operative is a safer, more effective operative. Our commitment to comfort and safety means everything we offer undergoes rigorous daily testing and scrutiny by active-duty operators on the ground. We are not driven by industry trends or competition; our customers' evolving needs are the driving force of our product development.

Best-selling Products

Browse our most popular products, made and curated by the team at Ballistic Armor Co. From our revolutionary Bastion™ helmet to Chase Tactical™ deltoid armor, everything in our catalog is designed to maximize your comfort, focus, and safety on the mission.

Verified origins and NIJ-accredited lab results

As of Nov. 2022 we require and maintain verifiable proof of country of origin, and NIJ-accredited lab reports, from all suppliers of ballistic armor that we sell.

Verified origins and NIJ-accredited lab results

100% American Owned and Operated

Ballistic Armor Co. is privately owned and operated in White City, Oregon. We drive Chevy trucks and work in a tank hangar originally built for Camp White in WWII.

100% American Owned and Operated

Driving American Manufacturing

We design and manufacture our own products in White City, Oregon, and are dedicated to offering 100% American-made products in every category.

Driving American Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will my delivery take?

Most orders placed before 12 pm Pacific Time ship the same business day. Learn more about shipping times here.

Where are Ballistic Armor Co.™ helmets manufactured?

The Bastion ballistic helmet is pressed in Ohio and trucked to our White City, OR production facility where it is assembled with American materials. The Bastion™ retention is currently sourced from Israel.

The Gen 1 ballistic helmet is pressed in China to Ballistic Armor Co. specifications, and independently tested by an NIJ-certified lab in the United States. Unlike many products made in China, our ballistic helmets are produced using American materials and tested to the same rigorous standards as American-made helmets.

The Gen 2 ballistic helmet was discontinued in 2023 due to concerns about its true country of origin.

I'm currently deployed. Can you ship to an APO?

Yes. Please note that shipping to a military base or U.S. embassy overseas is still considered an export, so it is subject to the same ITAR/EAR constraints as a regular export. However, in most cases it is not a problem shipping to deployed military.

If there is any further information needed to ship your product then a customer service representative will reach out to you directly.

Do you offer a military/LEO discount?

We love to support our military (veterans included), police, and first responders. Please click here to get your personalized discount code. This offer does not stack with other discounts.

How can I track my order?

You can log into your account to view orders and tracking information. If you don't have an account or have any trouble, email us at and we will provide you with the most current order information.

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