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Until Every Victim Knows Freedom

Stronger Together

Ballistic Armor Co. & Judges Rescue are Combating Human Trafficking Together.

At Ballistic Armor Co., we're passionate about protecting those who protect us. That's why we're teaming up with Judges Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing victims of sex trafficking. Together, we're not just providing gear – we're forming a strategic alliance to tackle this pressing issue head-on.

Quick Facts:

  • Sex trafficking is covert and present in nearly every community in the United States.
  • More than 6,000 cases, mostly women and children, were reported in the United States over a 12-month period in 2020 (DOJ OVC).
  • Victims risk extreme abuse and possible death to break free.
  • Children born by trafficked mothers often become new victims.
  • Ballistic Armor Co. has teamed up with Judges Rescue to fight sex trafficking by outfitting their team for rescue missions, connecting them with law enforcement agencies nationwide, recruiting volunteers, and assisting with fundraising efforts

The Fight

Why Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking isn't just a distant problem relegated to dramatic kidnappings in third world countries; it's a stark yet often covert reality among us in our own communities across the United States. As a company dedicated to protecting our law enforcement agencies, we recognize the importance of addressing issues that affect our primary customers directly. By partnering with Judges Rescue, we're leveraging our resources to make a meaningful impact in the fight against human trafficking.

The Facts

Over the last few years popular culture has grown more aware of the issue and its prevalence in the world, but sex trafficking is not a new problem. Trafficking and its devastating exploitation of humans has persisted, challenging law enforcement agencies around the United States and the world for generations– yet in recent years, the statistics have shown no marked signs of improvement.

Data from the Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime (DOJ OVC) highlights the alarming extent of sex trafficking in the United States. Between July 2019 and June 2020, over 6,000 victims of sex trafficking were reported, with a staggering 94 percent being women and girls. Mind you, these are only the reported instances. This is a fraction of the true scale of the problem, and one that reveals its disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations.

According to the 2023 Global Slavery Index (GSI) by the Walk Free Foundation, approximately 1.1 million people lived in modern slavery in the US on any given day in 2021. This prevalence equates to 3.3 people in modern slavery per thousand Americans. Globally, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation estimate that 6.3 million people live in forced commercial sexual exploitation, underscoring the magnitude of the issue.

How We're Helping

Our partnership with Judges Rescue goes beyond just equipment donations– it's a deep operational commitment to a shared mission.

Ballistic Armor Co. is actively helping Judges Rescue by:

  • Donating cutting-edge gear tailored to the specific needs of each unique operation.
  • Providing strategic guidance in organizational planning and operative training.
  • Offering operational and growth strategy as Judges Rescue scales their missions.
  • Leveraging our network to make essential connections to expand operations.
  • Assisting in fundraising efforts to secure essential funding for their operations.
  • Raising awareness about the pervasive issue of covert sex trafficking through targeted campaigns and advocacy efforts.

What Can You Do?

Here's how YOU can be part of the solution:

Shop at Ballistic Armor Co.

Every purchase supports our ongoing efforts to outfit Judges Rescue and equip them for their crucial missions to rescue sex trafficking victims.

Shop Now ↗

Donate Directly to Judges Rescue

Your contribution directly aids in their rescue operations and sex trafficking victim recovery efforts.

Donate to Judges Rescue ↗

Spread the Word

Share this page with your friends, family, and social networks to raise awareness and mobilize support for this important cause.

Get Involved

Reach out to us to stay informed about opportunities to volunteer and participate in missions and events with Judges Rescue.

Together, we have the power to combat human trafficking in the United States and abroad, and to create a safer, more just world for all.

About Judges Rescue

MISSION: The Judges Rescue Task Force is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking and the rescue of victims of sex trafficking. We operate within the United States and internationally in coalition with law enforcement, charitable organizations, and other NGOs to see the rescue and restoration of victims of sex trafficking.

TASK FORCE: The Judges Rescue Task Force is made up of men and women who are dedicated to ending human trafficking. The team includes therapists and counselors who are highly trained in trauma and addiction therapy, and the Red Team, also known as the rescue operations team.

RED TEAM: The Red Team is specially trained to respond to the threats and challenges of rescuing victims of trafficking in a variety of environments. They are experienced specialists trained in close quarters combat (CQB), and they conduct reconnaissance to gather intelligence in high-risk environments such as hotels, homes, and streets to locate active victims and provide immediate rescue plan.

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