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Bastion™ Velcro Replacement Kit

Ballistic Armor Co.

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Introducing the Gen 3 Velcro Upgrade Kit – your ticket to effortless tactical customization. Crafted with precision and innovation right here in the USA, this upgrade revolutionizes the way you adapt your gear. Made from premium materials and engineered for durability, it delivers unmatched versatility without compromising on strength. Perfect for fine-tuning your setup on the go, whether adjusting straps or securing additional equipment, the Velcro Upgrade ensures a seamless experience every time. With its sleek design and superior functionality, it's the ultimate companion for any mission. Trust in the Velcro Upgrade to elevate your tactical game, offering a level of convenience and performance that's second to none.


•9 piece velcro upgrade kit

•Works with all helmets 

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