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Gen 3 Bastion™ Bungee Option

Ballistic Armor Co.

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Introducing the Gen 3 Bungee Option – where American craftsmanship meets cutting-edge innovation. Meticulously crafted in the USA, this bungee system redefines durability and performance standards. Constructed from laser-cut aircraft aluminum and coated with Cerakote, it stands as a beacon of strength, ready to tackle the toughest challenges with ease. Designed with NVG retention in mind, it ensures your night vision equipment stays securely in place, allowing you to focus on the mission ahead without distractions. What sets it apart? Its seamless fusion of heavy-duty reliability and Berry compliance, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality. Elevate your gear game with the Gen 3 Bungee Option – a true embodiment of American ingenuity and excellence. Ready to withstand the harshest environments and exceed your expectations, it's time to experience the difference firsthand.


•Laser cut

•Aircraft aluminum


•Heavy duty bungee cord

•Berry compliant - Made in the USA

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