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Ballistic Armor Co. Social Media Policy

Community engagement is a major part of the culture at Ballistic Armor Co, and we work hard to ensure our social media channels are an honest expression of this by encouraging open dialogue, sharing information, and building relationships. To ensure a fair and positive experience for everyone, we have established the following social media policy.

1. Our Commitment
We are committed to maintaining a welcoming and respectful online environment where diverse perspectives are valued. Our social media channels are intended to be platforms for constructive dialogue, collaboration, and learning.

2. Accuracy
We strive to provide accurate and reliable information to our audience. We verify the facts and sources of information before sharing content on our social media channels. If you encounter content that presents misinformation as fact, please report it to us by DM or email us at:

3. Transparency
We believe in transparency and openness. We clearly communicate our guidelines for acceptable behavior on our social media channels, and we strive to observe them without partiality.

4. Respect
We respect the opinions and viewpoints of our audience members. We do not tolerate hate speech, discrimination, harassment, social mobbing, or threats of any kind. We encourage everyone to engage in discussions respectfully, even when opinions differ.

5. Product Reviews
We value honest feedback, even if it’s negative. Poor reviews of our products or service will not be censored if they adhere to these guidelines for respectful discourse. We encourage the community to share their genuine experiences and opinions, as it helps us identify areas for improvement. Our team will engage with negative feedback constructively, addressing concerns and striving to provide a better experience.

6. Moderating Content
We reserve the right to moderate our social media channels to ensure consistency with these guidelines. Content and contributions that violate these guidelines, including spam, irrelevant content, unfounded accusations, excessive negativity,  content that promotes misinformation, and content that endorses illegal activities, may be removed or hidden.

7. Repeat Offenders
We work hard to ensure that our social media remains a positive and open platform for our community members. Any person who repeatedly violates these guidelines may be blocked from contributor or viewer access to our social media channels at our discretion. If you have been blocked, you may appeal to have your access restored by emailing:

8. User-Generated Content
We value contributions from our community members and occasionally feature user-generated content on our social channels. Rest assured, we will never share content provided to us privately without your written consent. However, if the content is publicly accessible, we may share it without notice. Whenever we share user-generated content, we'll make sure to give proper credit.

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