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Ballistic Helmets

Advanced combat helmets from Ballistic Armor Co. Quality, affordable ballistic protection for those in harm's way.

Combat Helmets - Level IIIA

Our ACH helmets are NIJ IIIA rated by trusted 3rd parties to ensure that you get the ultimate protection when you buy a ballistic helmet from us. Our ballistic helmets offer the same or better protection than others that can cost up to 3x as much.

Will Ballistic Helmets Stop Bullets?

Level IIIa ballistic helmets are designed to defeat handgun rounds and fragments from weapons like shotguns or fragmentation grenades. Additionally, these helmets have the advantage of being lightweight and more comfortable than other helmets on the market for a wearer. Whether or not a level IIIa ballistic helmet will be able to stop specific bullets will depend heavily on the ammunition and the caliber. Learn more about Ballistic Helmet capabilities here.

⅓ The Price With The Same Trusted Protection

Our signature ballistic helmets are independently tested and certified by an NIJ-certified lab in the United States. At Ballistic Armor Co. we offer the same protection as the better-known premium brands, with superior comfort and a more affordable price.

Ballistic Helmet Accessories

Common accessories for ballistic helmets range from visors, face shields, and chin straps for improved comfort; night vision capabilities for enhanced situational awareness; and mounts for cameras, integrated lighting systems, or hearing protection devices. Whether for police, military, private security, or civilians – there are plenty of options available to choose from when considering how to accessorize your tactical helmet.

Learn more about the main reasons to use ballistic armor

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Ballistic Helmet FAQ (Freequently Asked Questions)

What is a ballistic helmet?

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A ballistic helmet is a type of protective headgear designed to withstand impacts from projectiles, such as bullets or fragmentation.

What is the purpose of a ballistic helmet?

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The purpose of a ballistic helmet is to provide protection to the wearer's head from gunfire, fragments from exploding devices, or other threats.

What are the different types of ballistic helmets?

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There are several types of ballistic helmets, including ACH, ECH, MICH, and FAST helmets. The choice of helmet type depends on a number of factors such as the intended use and level of protection required.

What is the level of protection offered by a ballistic helmet?

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The level of protection offered by a ballistic helmet is commonly measured by its NIJ (National Institute of Justice) rating. NIJ ratings range from level IIA (which provides protection against 9mm rounds) to level IV (which provides protection against high-powered rifles).

Learn more about Helmet ratings and testing.

What are the materials used in ballistic helmets?

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The most common types of Ballistic helmets are made of a woven aramid material such as Kevlar™ or Twaron™, or of a composite woven aramid + polyethylene blend. The choice of material depends on the level of protection required, the intended use of the helmet, and weight requirements.

Other materials used in ballistic helmets include:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Ceramic
  • Graphene
  • Fiberglass

How are ballistic helmets tested for safety?

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Ballistic helmets are tested to the safety standards set by the NIJ (National Institute Of Justice). The testing is done by the manufacturer or in one of 3 independent, NIJ-certified labs in the United States. 

For more information on the N.I.J., their testing methods, and requirements click here. 

Include an option to download PDF on N.I.J. process and requirements.

How should a ballistic helmet fit?

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A ballistic helmet should fit snugly and securely on the head, without any excessive movement or shifting. The helmet should also be adjusted to the correct size using the sizing pads or adjustment system provided. It is important to note that although the fit should be snug, the padding should not be overcompressed, as the padding exists as a safety feature to protect from backface deformation.

Can a ballistic helmet be used with other protective gear?

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Yes, a ballistic helmet can be used with other protective gear, such as body armor, eye protection, and ear protection, to provide a comprehensive level of security.

Who Uses Ballistic Helmets?

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A Level IIIA ballistic helmet is used by individuals who are at a high risk of being exposed to ballistic projectiles, including law enforcement officers, military personnel, security personnel, and private citizens who may need personal protection. These helmets provide protection against high-powered handgun rounds and fragments from explosive devices.

Why Purchase Your Combat Helmet From Ballistic Helmet Co.?

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Since 2015, Ballistic Armor Co. has been a leading retailer and trusted provider of ballistic helmets for law enforcement agencies and military personnel in the United States. At home and abroad our products compete at the highest level for comfort and protection, at prices tenable for outfitting the entire department, field office, or the individual. Our product value is rivaled only by our philosophy on customer service: the customer is always right.

What Materials Are Used To Make Ballistic Armor’s Combat Helmets?

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Our Ballistic helmets are made witharamid such as Kevlar®andTeijin®to provide the type of protection you expect when purchasing a Combat helmet.

Are Ballistic Helmets Rifle Rated?

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IIIa ballistic helmets are designed to protect the wearer from fragments, shrapnel and handgun ammunition. Some brands of helmet falsely claim to offer a IIIa helmet that will stop a rifle round, but these claims are false and misleading, and should never be trusted. While some IIIa helmet designs may exceed the NIJ minimum specifications for a IIIa helmet, thus providing some degree of protection against certain types of rifle ammo, users should be aware that these helmets should not be relied upon exclusively for protection in those situations.

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